Magma - Flöë Ëssi / Ëktah (7″ Vinyl Limited Edition, RSD2015)

Country: France
Label: Jazz Village
Released: 18 April 2015
Genre: Jazz / Acoustic / Fusion / Prog Rock / Rock
Order JV 45570073

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* 7″ Vinyl Limited Edition, RSD2015
* Limited Edition of 250 copies for Records Store Day 2015.

About (English):
Recorded at Studio Uniwerïa Zekt between September 1st and November 11th, 1998.

“Dédié à Jean Marais, disparu le 8 novembre 1998. Que la sève du Grand Frêne coule en lui.”

1 Flöë Ëssi “La Fille De La Mer 2:58
2 Ëktah “Le Héros” 5:52

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