Hotline - You Are Mine (1LP Edition, Reissue)

Country: U.K.
Label: Soundway
Released: 16 May 2017
Genre: Funk / Soul / Disco / Boogie
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* 180g 1LP Edition, Reissue

Description (English):
Classic disco LP from Nigeria, reissued by Soundway on 180g vinyl with tip-on sleeve. This very rare Nigerian disco classic LP, originally released in 1986, is the only known recorded album by Hotline and features the track ‘Fella’s Doing It In Lagos’, which gave its name to our recent ‘Doing It In Lagos’ compilation. Nigerian boogie funk record, with a heavy Synth moog sound. All tracks killer. The most incredible thing about this group is that they had a very unique sound. This Nigerian group were miles ahead of their time.

A1 Can You Do It?
A2 Stay Close
A3 Let’s Merge
B1 Fella’s Doing It In Lagos
B2 Desire
B3 You Are Mine

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