Keiji Haino 灰野敬二 - Watashi Dake? (1LP Limited Deluxe Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Country: U.S.
Label: Black Editions
Released: 16 June 2017
Genre: Rock / Noise / Avant-Garde / Experimental / Japanese-Underground
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* 1LP Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
* Download Code Included
* First vinyl edition of Keiji Haino’s stunning debut album since 1981, first ever outside of Japan
* First ever edition to feature artist’s originally intended metallic gold and silver jacket artwork
* Produced in close cooperation with Keiji Haino and legendary photographer Gin Satoh
* Housed in custom printed deluxe Stoughton tip-on jackets, including black on black inserts, extras, and hand colored finishes
* Meticulously remastered by Elysian Masters and cut by Bernie Grundman Mastering. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI

Description (English):
Originally released in 1981. Reissue is pressed to high quality vinyl and housed in specially printed heavy Stoughton tip-on jackets with matte metallic gold and silver covers and black paper inserts. Includes a digital download code for the album with an extended bonus live track from the era.

Over the last fifty years few musicians or performers have created as monumental and uncompromising a body of work as that of Keiji Haino. Through a vast number of recordings and performances Haino has staked out a ground all his own creating a language of unparalleled intensity that defies any simple classification. For all this, his 1981 debut album Watashi Dake? has remained enigmatic. Originally released in a small edition by the legendary Pinakotheca label, the album was heard by only a select few in Japan and far fewer overseas. Original vinyl copies became impossibly rare and highly sought after the world over.

Watashi Dake? presents a haunting vision – stark vocals, whispered and screamed, punctuate dark si-
lences. Intricate and sharp guitar figures interweave, repeat and stretch, trance-like, emerging from dark recesses. Written and composed on the spot – Haino’s vision is one of deep spiritual depths that distantly evokes 1920’s blues and medieval music- yet is unlike anything ever committed to record before or since. Coupled with starkly minimal packaging featuring the now iconic cover photographs by legendary photographer Gin Satoh, the album is a startling and fully realized artistic statement.

A1 My Refuge 5:24
A2 The Disallowed 5:39
A3 Rise From The Dead 3:05
A4 Lay It Open 2:48
A5 Bring To An End 2:37
A6 I Can’t Do It Properly 3:04
B1 More More More 2:00
B2 Even If I Break Through 4:15
B3 Falling Apart 4:23
B4 Try To Come This Far 3:51
B5 Though I Want To Laugh 4:21
B6 I Want To Return 2:54

Also by Keiji Haino 灰野敬二

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