soha - TOMORROW WITH TODAY EP (Japanese CDEP Limited Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: COPERNICUS-inflexion
Released: 5 June 2017
Genre: Indie-Rock / Instrumental-Rock / Japanese-Indie
Order CPNCI-1001

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* Japanese CDEP Limited Edition
* Limited to 500 copies
* Free Sticker

Description (English):
“TOMORROW WITH TODAY EP” is the 1st EP that will released in 6th June 2017.

the EP was Recorded & Mixing & Mastering by Hiroshi Ikeda from hmc_studio (TOKYO,JAPAN)

Biography (English):
Although it features the instrumental sound that is stoic and precise, “I KNOW” has been newly recorded with a vocal.Kei Miyaji from “memento mori” participated in “Geometry of the Afterimage”, a piece recorded in only CD version.“soha” also rerecorded their past works and this new album presents the depth of their own world.

The CD will be pressed with a limitation of 500 pieces.

“soha”, the band mainly centering on an instrumental music, completed a work that took one step further.

They recorded the musical piece “I KNOW” with vocal for the first time, keeping their bold and spectacular ensembles with stoic and precise sound as it is.

It is a song that will make a beautiful world view mixed with coolness and transience in front of you.And it may let you feel the fantasy characteristics as if moonlight blurs on morning fog.

Kei Miyaji from “memento mori” has participated in the song “Geometry of the Afterimage”, which is recorded in only CD version. When the power of Miyaji’s voice and words with strength crawling on the ground synchronizes with soha’s ambitious sound, a will-like picture without the hesitation is projected in your brain.

I feel that I can only nod to its overwhelming persuasive power. The image is limited to some extent by using words, but on the contrary, it will innovate and expand soha’s aspect built in listeners.

D and FAKE were rerecorded as their representative music.

By blending these two songs, you can see their amplitude definitely.

The jacket designer is 4ho, the vocalist of ANYO. The CD will be pressed with a limitation of 500 pieces

In order to know and understand soha’s expression that will continue in the future, we can not miss it now.

01 : 残像の幾何学
03 : D
04 : FAKE
05 : I KNOW

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