Eyeless In Gaza - Original Albums Collection (4CD Boxset, Reissue, Remastered)

Country: U.K.
Label: Cherry Red
Released: 3 March 2017
Genre: Rock / World / Pop / Art Rock / Indie Rock

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* 4CD Boxset, Reissue, Remastered
* Four albums originally released in 1981-1982
* Singles and rarities collection
* LP replica wallets
* Band sleevenotes
* 69 tracks
* A classic part of the early Cherry Red catalogue, Eyeless In Gaza continue to be influential today and are often namechecked as a key influence by artists from across the musical spectrum.

Description (English):
Originally signed to Cherry Red in 1981, Eyeless in Gaza moved very quickly through four albums of skewed free-pop explorations to become the intriguing, uncomfortable cousin of the brash new wave sound finding its way into the mainstream at the time.

Picture a place where scratchy guitars, synthesisers, primitive rhythms, found sounds, technical experimentation and neo-noise come together to provide a bed for the poetic, exploratory lyrics of Martyn Bates. Oblique, anxious, difficult in places and beautifully detached, their sound captured perfectly the beauty to be found if one cared to rummage through the rubble of a Britain in the midst of industrial collapse.

Produced with the approval and involvement of the band, and spread across 4CDs presented in a hard clamshell case, this set captures Eyeless In Gaza’s first four albums, along with a band compiled set of non-album essentials and oddities and a sleevenote by Martyn Bates.

Photographs As Memories
1-1 Seven Years
1-2 Fixation
1-3 Looking Daggers
1-4 From A To B
1-5 Clear Cut Apparently
1-6 Speech Rapid Fire
1-7 John Of Patmos
1-8 Knives Replace Air
1-9 Faceless
1-10 In Your Painting
1-11 A Keepsake
1-12 Whitewash
1-13 No Noise

Caught In Flux / The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers EP
2-1 Sixth Sense
2-2 Point You
2-3 Voice From The Tracks
2-4 Scale Amiss
2-5 The Decoration
2-6 Continual
2-7 Soul On Thin Ice
2-8 Rose Petal Knot
2-9 Skeletal Framework
2-10 See Red
2-11 Half-Light
2-12 Every Which Way
2-13 The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers
2-14 Still Air
2-15 Out From The Day-To-Day
2-16 True Colour
2-17 Keynote Inertia

Drumming The Beating Heart
3-1 Transience Blues
3-2 Ill Wind Blows
3-3 One By One
3-4 Picture The Day
3-5 Dreaming At Rain
3-6 Two
3-7 Veil Like Calm
3-8 Throw A Shadow
3-9 Pencil Sketch
3-10 At Arms Length
3-11 Lights Of April
3-12 Before You Go
Pale Hands I Loved So Well
3-13 Tall And White Nettles
3-14 Warm Breath, Soft And Slow
3-15 Blue Distance
3-16 Sheer Cliffs
3-17 Falling Leaf / Fading Flower: Goodbye To Summer
3-18 Lies Of Love
3-19 To Ellen
3-20 Pale Saints
3-21 Letters To She
3-22 Light Sliding
3-23 Big Clipper Ship

Recollections / Rarities (Curated By Eyeless In Gaza)
4-1 Scent On Evening Air
4-2 Drumming The Beating Heart
4-3 You Frighten
4-4 Through Eastfields
4-5 Three Kittens
4-6 Jane, Dancing
4-7 Invisibility
4-8 The Feeling´s Mutual
4-9 Everpresent
4-10 Dusky Ruth
4-11 Others
4-12 China Blue Vision
4-13 Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
4-14 Plague Of Years
4-15 Taking Steps
4-16 Avenue With Trees

Also by Eyeless In Gaza

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