Eyeless In Gaza - Picture The Day (A Career Retrospective 1981-2016) 2CD Edition

Country: U.K.
Label: Cherry Red
Released: 30 Sep 2016
Genre: Rock / Art Rock / Shoegaze / Indie Rock
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* 2CD Edition
* First ever complete career retrospective from this highly influential band
* Collects together material from a thirty five year career
* Compiled and designed in collaboration with the band
* Features singles, b-sides and key album tracks
* Includes work recorded for Cherry Red Records and the band’s own Ambivalent Scale label
* Includes the previously unreleased track ‘Tamarisk’
* Package includes insightful interview with singer Martyn Bates, lyrics and recording details
* 2014’s early albums box set sold very well

Description (English):
Eyeless In Gaza formed a key part of the early Cherry Red Records roster, and continue to find new fans today. Their work – an intriguing mixture of sound art and poetry – sits outside of the world most other artists inhabit, and exists in a timeless place entirely of the band’s own design.

Still working and recording today, the band have overseen every stage of this release, and contributed photographs and a previously unreleased recording.

Every serious music collection should contain at least – at least! – the introductory glance at this remarkable band which ‘Picture The Day’ provides.

Cherry Red Recordings
1-1 Lights Of April 2:21
1-2 Back From The Rains 3:20
1-3 Invisibility 2:42
1-4 Others 2:56
1-5 Still Air 3:39
1-6 Pearl And Pale 3:33
1-7 Tell 2:19
1-8 Falling Leaf / Fading Flower 5:11
1-9 See Red 2:47
1-10 One By One 3:29
1-11 New Risen 2:51
1-12 Veil Like Calm 1:54
1-13 Kodak Ghosts Run Amok 2:28
1-14 At Arms Length 2:03
1-15 Looking Daggers 1:54
1-16 Corner Of Dusk 3:55
1-17 Jane Dancing 1:05
1-18 Ill Wind Blows 3:13
1-19 Pale Saints 5:19
1-20 Inky Blue Sky 3:37

Ambivalent Scale Recordings
2-1 Struck Like Jacob Marley 6:06
2-2 Fracture Track 5:32
2-3 You Are Grace 2:18
2-4 Endless Trees 3:58
2-5 Whitening Rays 5:49
2-6 Summer Salt 4:10
2-7 Much Wants More 3:31
2-8 Tamarisk 5:31
2-9 You Know Nothing 2:50
2-10 Where Vivid Bloomed 3:39
2-11 Lord Gregory 2:12
2-12 Lullay My Liking 2:41
2-13 Long Calling Summer 4:49
2-14 Among The Blue Flowers And The Yellow 2:01
2-15 Twilight Walking 6:39

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