Nino Rota - Fellini Satyricon O.S.T. (CD Edition)

Country: Italy
Label: Rustblade
Released: 7 Oct 2016
Genre: Classical / Soundtrack / Score / Contemporary / World
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* CD Edition

Description (English):
Satyricon (1969) was one of the few adaptations helmed by Fellini during his career, based on the fragmented novel of the same title by Petronius. Described as one of “the most profoundly controversial movie in all history”, the story tells the picaresque journey of a former gladiator, who is in search of his boy lover.

Nino Rota composed one of his most unusual scores for the film, evoking barbaric rhythms and ancient-sounding instruments to underscore the colorful visual cacophony of the film.

Although the score had been released previously on CD those issue were produced from LPs sources, whereas this CD has been mastered from the first generation stereo master tapes, recently discovered in the vaults of EMI Italy.

Painting cover By Lola Airaghi ( Sergio Bonelli Editore )

1 Teatrino Di Vernacchio (Vernacchio’s Small Theatre)
2 Il Giardino Delle Delizie (Garden Of Delights)
3 Notturni Nelle Suburra (Nocturnes In “Suburra”)
4 La Schiavetta Innamorata (The Little Slave Girl In Love)
5 La Cena De Trimalcione (Trimalcione’s Dinner)
6 Madejà—Periamdejà (Madejà—Periamdejà)
7 Mio Amato Gitone (My Beloved Giton)
8 La Cena De Trimalcione (Trimcione’s Lunch)
9 Tema Di Gitone (Giton’s Theme)
10 Il Trionfo Del Nuovo Cesare (New Caesar’s Triumph)
11 Encolpio E Ascilto Prigioneri (Encolpio And Ascilto, Prisoners)
12 Sulla Nave Di Lica (On Lica’s Boat)
13 Le Nozze Sul Mare (Wedding At Sea)
14 Il Fuoco Delle Vestali (Vestal’s Fire)
15 L’ Oracolo Salmodiante (The Psalmodist Oracle)
16 Mi Ascolti, Gitone? (Do You Listen To Me, Giton?)
17 Storia Della Matrona De Efeso (Story Of Ephesus Matron)
18 Encolpio Ha Perduto La Sua Spada (Encolpio Lost His Sword)
19 Il Minotauro (The Minotaur)
20 La Danse De Signes (Monkey’s Dance)
21 La Nuova Isola (The New Island)

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