Philip Glass + Víkingur Ólafsson - Piano Works (CD Edition)

Country: E.U.
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Released: 27 Jan 2017
Genre: Electronic / Classical / Contemporary / Minimal
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* CD Edition

Description (English):
This is a tribute to the master of minimal music, legendary Philip Glass, who turns 80 on 1.31.2017. A year ago Philip Glass handpicked some pianists to perform all of his Etudes together at the Barbican in London. Víkingur Olafsson was one of them and according to the press he was – the highlight of the evening.

Víkingur Olafsson is an up-and-coming visionary pianist not only of technical sublimity but also of remarkable entrepreneurial abilities. He serves as Artistic Director to both the Vinterfest in Sweden and the Reykjavík Midsummer Music.

1 “Opening” From Glassworks (1981) 7:45
Études (1991-2012)
2 No. 9 2:32
3 No. 2 6:00
4 No. 6 4:26
5 No. 5 8:55
6 No. 14 4:37
7 No. 2

Remix [Reworked By] – Christian Badzura 6:02
8 No. 13 3:28
9 No. 15 7:40
1 No. 3 4:01
11 No. 18 6:02
12 No. 20 11:24
13 “Opening” From Glassworks 6:39

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