WhyOceans - Inmost Dens Of Emilie (Digipack CD Edition)

Country: Macau
Released: 15 May 2017
Genre: Post-Rock / Indie-Rock / Alternative-Rock / Instrumental
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* Digipack CD Edition

Description (English):
《Inmost Dens Of Emilie》is the second album from Macau instrumental band, WhyOceans. The album contains 6 songs, telling 6 stories from 6 scenes with the same origin. The album is mainly recorded in Hong Kong. Piano, strings and wind instruments are recorded in Macau. Mixed by the band’s member, Ellison. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Sweden.

Description (Chinese):
《Inmost Dens Of Emilie》是澳門器樂搖滾樂隊WhyOceans的第二張錄音室專輯。樂隊這次採用了更多原聲樂器如鋼琴、提琴、管樂等;專輯共六首歌曲,六個場境六個故事圍繞一個主題。專輯主要在香港錄音,原聲樂器則在澳門錄音。混音由樂隊成員Ellison負責,母帶製作則寄往瑞典由音樂製作人Magnus Lindberg操刀。

1. Another Wind 04:17
2. Transparent People 10:20
3. Inmost Dens Of Emilie – Part I 10:34
4. Farewell To My Urban Life 07:22
5. Chasing Palace 09:14
6. Inmost Dens Of Emilie – Part II 10:12

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