world's end girlfriend - LAST WALTZ (Japanese 2LP Limited Edition, +2DL CODE)

Country: Japan
Label: Virgin Babylon Records
Released: 29 April 2017
Genre: Post-Rock / Electronic / Glitch / Modern Classical / Avant-Pop
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* Japanese 2LP Limited Edition
* Guest additional musicians are Yutaka Aoki(downy), Shione Yukawa, Piana, so on.
* The album cover artwork is a fantastic photograph by Chinese modern artist, Jiang Zhi.

Description (English):
The new album “LAST WALTZ” is painted by a quite unique sounds world that anywhere of the world have not ever heard.
Coming and going freely between silence and roar, acoustic sound and programming sound, melody and noise.
That passes over Joy, Anger, Sadness, Humor, Good and Evil.
It draws as a story of 10 tracks in 70mins.
Beyond “Dance of Death”, the other side of” Memento mori”.
We are dancing on the shaking ground and keep playing in emitted lights and darkness until the end.

Side A
02. Plein Soleil
03. Angel Ache
side B
04. Flowers of Romance
05. Void
side C
06. Crystal Chrysalis
07. in Silence / in Siren
side D
08. Radioactive Spell Wave
09. Girl

Bonus Data :
world’s end girlfriend
LAST WALTZ / 24bit 48khz

02. Plein Soleil
03. Angel Ache
04. Flowers of Romance
05. Void
06. Crystal Chrysalis
07. in Silence / in Siren
08. Radioactive Spell Wave
09. Girl
Bonus Track

Bonus Data2 :
world’s end girlfriend & POLTERGEIST ensemble
Nobody comes Ghost goes

01. Unspoiled Monster LIVE
02. Satan Veludo Children LIVE
03. interlude LIVE
04. You LIVE
05. Untitled+Give me shadow, put on my crown LIVE
06. Scorpius Circus LIVE
07. We are the massacre LIVE

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