Various - Pieces O.S.T. (1LP Limited Edition)

Country: Switzerland
Label: We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Released: 21 June 2015
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Stage & Screen / Soundtrack
Order WRWTFWW005

Shipping Rate: E


* 1LP Limited Edition
* Limited to 450 copies

Description (English):
“You don’t have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre!”

We’re insanely excited to announce the release of the soundtrack for cult slasher Pieces (1982)! Full of eerie jazz, menacing synths and soulful escapades by Italian masters Stelvio Cipriani (La Polizia Sta A Guardare, Tarantino’s Death Proof), Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd), and Fabio Frizzi (Lucio Fulci movies), this limited edition vinyl will fully satisfy all soundtrack fans with a passion for the horror, Giallo, Spaghetti Western, and Blaxploitation genres.

A1 –Stephen Ham & Alain Leroux Up Country 4:29
A2 –Fabio Frizzi Cocktail Molotov 1:27
A3 –Enrico Pieranunzi & Silvano Chimenti I Love Blondes 2:45
A4 –Carlo Maria Cordio M21 0:35
A5 –Carlo Maria Cordio M29 2:27
A6 –Carlo Maria Cordio M20 2:21
A7 –Carlo Maria Cordio M15 1:26
B1 –Carlo Maria Cordio M13 1:54
B2 –Carlo Maria Cordio M31 3:33
B3 –Stelvio Cipriani A Strange Symbol 2:10
B4 –Stelvio Cipriani Carlotta And The Professor 2:25
B5 –Stelvio Cipriani Deathwatch 1:54
B6 –Stelvio Cipriani Deathwatch (Unused Alternate Version 1) 1:54
B7 –Stelvio Cipriani Deathwatch (Unused Alternate Version 2) 1:09

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