Earthen Sea - An Act Of Love (1LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Kranky
Released: 17 Feb 2017
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Techno
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* 1LP Edition

Description (English):
Jacob Long’s newest recordings under the Earthen Sea moniker deepen his compelling synthesis of shadowy rhythms and opaque atmospherics, drawing on the most potent qualities of melancholic ambient and dub techno. An Act Of Love follows 2015’s Ink, released via Ital’s Lovers Rock imprint, and was inspired by internal tribulations and the experience of exploring an empty nocturnal metropolis.

Careful waves of tones drift and decay; beats materialize and pulse across twilit landscapes; a noir mood reigns. Given Long’s background as bassist for revelatory tribalpunk trio MI AMI, this album showcases a musician in the midst of transcendent redefinition, crafting an immersive language of texture and motion.

A1 The Present Mist 4:39
A2 About That Time 7:44
A3 Delicately In The Sunlight 3:07
A4 Apparent Lushness 3:42
B1 Exuberant Burning 6:35
B2 Above The Clouds 0:52
B3 The Flats, 1975 5:24
B4 Also An Act Of Love 6:22

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