Ondatrópica - Baile Bucanero (180g 2LP Gatefold Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Soundway
Released: 10 March 2017
Genre: Reggae / Cumbia / World / Dancehall / Latin
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* 180g 2LP Gatefold Edition

Description (English):
It was 2011 and we sat at the side of Avenida Roosevelt as mopeds streamed by and the sun blazed overhead. We both clutched black plastic bags split at the corners by used records. This was our first meeting (Mario travelling from Bogota to Cali, where Will was living), which would become a monthly reunion, as the ideas and shared passions which would become Ondatropica began to take shape.

Within a year, a recording was made and tour plans were laid. Ondatropica surpassed our expectations, and through the collaboration of more than 40 musicians and supported by the faith and admiration of thousands of record collectors and fans, a new gold standard of Colombian music was made. Since that meeting, a second record has long been slated – with ideas for compositions bubbling through the years, riffs imagined on the back seats of tour buses and the input of visiting musicians all adding richness and texture to the sound.

The premise of the second album was to record in Bogota and Old Providence Island (Isla de Providencia). Two contrasting locations, but united by their reputation as musically creative hubs – Bogota, with its subversive underground expressing an active, punky, DIY mentality and Providence reinterpreting and updating a Colombian national identity through a proud renaissance of regional folklore coupled with a fervor for dancehall and reggae sounds.

Having focused on a Latin-heavy approach on our first record, the idea of recording in Providence Island was not a random one. Being an Island originally settled by the British and later becoming part of the Colombian republic, the island has a heady mix of African, English and Spanish cultural heritage and is therefore a perfect example of the Caribbean cultural experiment. Rather than separate the stylistic Anglo-, French- and Spanish-Caribbean influences, our goal was to explore the common ground and the ways in which these different styles synthesise.

In October 2015, after recording in Bogotá with local heavyweights, the core of Ondatrópica made the trip to Old Providence where work continued on the album you now hold in your hands. The Midnight Dream Theatre recording studio was our home; bushy rum fuelled the long sessions and let loose the dialogues between Calypso and Gaita, Accordion and Lapsteel, Clave and Mandolin, even synthesizer and a horse’s jaw bone. Between the two locations a total of 35 musicians were recorded, and in true tradition of the Onda style, all came from very different backgrounds, musical styles and age groups. A group of musicians transformed into buccaneers, raising a toast to their treasure: melodies and grooves.

A1 Commotion 2:55
A2 La Naranja Madura 4:12
A3 Hummingbird 4:28
A4 De Mar A Mar 4:25
B1 Malaria 3:40
B2 Lazalypso 3:33
B3 Caldo Parao 3:14
B4 Estar Contigo 5:10
C1 Come Back Again 3:28
C2 Soy Campesino 4:23
C3 Boga Canoero 4:21
D1 Bogota 5:32
D2 Trustin´ 4:21
D3 Cumbia Bucanera 3:01
D4 Just A Moment 3:21

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4thフルアルバム『JOY』より3年、ひたすらにライブを重ね各地のフェスで足腰を鍛えてきたことで、カリブやアフリカ音楽といったバックボーンはしっかりと残しつつも、そこだけに頼らない全方位型ダンスミュージックを築き上げてきたリディメイツ。Yousay(G)とYosh(Dr)を正式メンバーとして迎え入れて初となるフル5thアルバムは、軽快な4つ打ちリズムの上にのるエロさ滲み出るカッティング・ギターが腰を疼かせるM-1「For The Beats」、土臭いグルーヴと影のあるメロディーが激クールなM-2「Come On」、四方八方に吹き荒れるホーンと鋭利なギターがギラついた夜の街を思わせる高速アフロビートM-5 Over Against、タカヒロ(チーナ・フィル・ハーモニック・オーケストラ)のスティール・パンをフィーチャーしたPOPで開放感あふれるM-12「Sunset Glow」などに加え、昨年リリースしたタワーレコード限定シングル『DIVE ep』から、α-STATION/FM京都でパワープレイを獲得したM-4「SWANDIVE」と、児玉奈央をゲストに迎え、彼女のウェット&キュートな歌声を最大限に引き出した好カヴァーM-8「LOVE LAND」まで収録と、彩り鮮やかな楽曲が揃った。そんな、1曲ごとにクルクルと色合いを変わる本作を通して聴くと、まるで世界中の路地を旅してるような、日常と非日常の狭間を行き来しているような、刺激に満ち溢れた印象を受けるだろう。リリースの度に、メンバーチェンジの度に、ライブの度に、苦しさも笑い飛ばしながら、その瞬間その瞬間で最適な進化を遂げてきた彼等が、今一番伝えたい音が詰まった渾身のアルバム。
「本を読んでいて出会ったんだけど、想いが言葉を超えるって、いい言葉だなぁって。俺等の音楽もインストだから言葉を超える何か・・が伝わって欲しいなと思って演ってるので…。」(Cross You(T.Sax))
01. For The Beats
02. Come On
03. Walk Song
04. Swandive
05. Over Against
06. The Barber
07. Drop
08. Love Land feat. Kodama Nao
09. Spider’s web
10. Bacon!!
11. Garagardoa
12. Sunset Glow
13. Clam Chowder

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