Various - Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals Hits (Japanese Mini-LP CD Limited Edition, Reissue)

Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records / Groove-Diggers
Released: 20 July 2016
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul / Latin
Order PCD-24528

Shipping Rate: B


* Japanese Mini-LP CD Limited Edition, Reissue

Description (English):
Ethiopian jazz and funk. a cracking compilation focusing on the more funky side of the Ethiopian jazz scene. Mulatu features heavily and provides the majority of the tracks with a slightly funkier sound than usual.

1 –Mulatu Astatke Munaye5:04
2 –Mulatu Astatke Meche Dereshe4:00
3 –Tesfa Mariam Kidane Yetesfa Tezeta2:40
4 –Mulatu Astatke Kasalefkut Hulu2:46
5 –Mulatu Astatke Tezeta6:17
6 –Bahta G. Hiwot Ewnet Yey Lagegnesh2:47
7 –Mulatu Astatke Yegele Tezeta3:18
8 –Bahta G. Hiwot Bemegnot Alnorm2:40
9 –Mulatu Astatke Yekrmo Saw4:16
10 –Tesfa Mariam Kidane Heiwote5:17

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