Rega - Rega (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: WORDS Recordings
Released: 25 Jan 2017
Genre: Instrumental / Math-Rock / Indie / Post-Rock
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* CD Edition, Gatefold package

Description (English):
As a first shot of 10th Anniversary, Rega has released selftitled 4th full album “Rega” on January 25, 2017. With a mark of 10th anniversary, the band has re-recorded songs which was written and released before the current guitarist, Akira Yotsumoto joined in the band. The sounds of the recordings and arrangement are much renewed as a “live band”, reflecting their great live performance.
You can trace the band’s 10-year-career by this album including a new track, rare track as well as remix tracks, and could be the bridge to the coming new album.

“Rega” is a Japanese instrumental band which consists of 4 members: guitarist Ryuji Ide, bassist Akinobu Aoki, drummer Takafumi Miyake and guitarist Akira Yotsumoto. They hail from Ehime, a south-western part of Japan, and carry on their activities now in Tokyo.
Their live performance which expresses rush of their emotions is overwhelming and gains high reputation from audience, industry parties and artists throughout the world.
Their music is created out of their each music background such as alternative rock, progressive, funk, post rock, organic groove, punk, jazz, techno, electronica and so on, and their soulful music surpasses such genre. While their songs are composed thoroughly, precisely and carefully, they cast human warmth with the pleasant melody.
Their emotional live performance has been drawing attention and have performed at many prominent festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, TAICO CLUB, RUSHBALL, StarFes, BAYCAMP, SYNCHRONICITY, Asagiri MJAM, DIESEL XXX and so on.

1. mexico
2. endoor
3. Q
5. pingpong
6. Sunship
7. Dress
8. JOG
9. Orange
10. Wreck
12. VIP -oma Remix- (REVITALIZED / STRUCT)

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