Crippled Black Phoenix - Live Poznan (2CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Cool Green Recordings
Released: 16 Aug 2013
Genre: Rock / Post Rock / Prog Rock
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* 2CD Edition

Description (English):
Crippled Black Phoenix started in 2004 when Justin Greaves (formerly the drummer of Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, The Varukers, etc.) picked up a borrowed guitar and began to make simple demos. 8 years, 5 critically acclaimed albums and quite a few line-up changes later Crippled Black Phoenix is a force to reckoned with.

Cool Green Recordings will be releasing the now infamous Live Poznan album on 2-CD. Released in August 2013, Live Poznan catches a large dose of rock, the volumes have been turned up and self-awareness is ever-present. And there’s the usual dose of misery-vs-hope, a well-known Crippled Black Phoenix trademark.

1-1 Intro / Troublemaker 8:29
1-2 Fantastic Justice 7:50
1-3 Of A Lifetime 6:06
1-4 Song For The Loved 13:09
1-5 The Brain / Poznan 7:54
1-6 Goodnight Europe 6:47
1-7 The Heart Of Every Country 8:28
2-1 Release The Clowns 5:34
2-2 444 7:39
2-3 We Forgotten Who We Are 11:11
2-4 Rise Up And Fight 6:18
2-5 Bella Ciao 4:30
2-6 Born For Nothing / Paranoid Arm Of Narcoleptic Empire 21:16

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