(10th-March) Sundays & Cybele シベールの日曜日 – Chaos & Systems Live In Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]



Japanese Underground對香港Indie界來說,一直都是這麼遠那麼近。

過往曾來港演出的相關名字,說多不多,但數下來,其實也不少,有前輩級的灰野敬二與Acid Mother Temple,又有近代的水晶の舟(Suishou no Fune),而今次主角輪到Sundays & Cybele(シベールの日曜日)。

Sundays & Cybele來自北海道函館,現紮根於東京。樂隊於2004年組成,名字源自1962年由Serge Bourguignon執導的同名法國經典電影(法文名字:Les Dimanches de Ville d’Avray),現在一行四人陣容包括主音歌手兼結他手坪內和夫、結他手中田雄也、低音結他手西野匡彥和鼓手見上慎太郎。出道多年來,Sundays & Cybele先後發表多張作品,由2008年的處男專集《Sundays & Cybele》到將於今年3月面世的第六張專集《Chaos & Systems》,產量不多也不少。作為Japanese Underground一份子,Sundays & Cybele身上固然不缺Psychedelic Rock,不過他們並非只得一招走天涯,時而幽深的Acid Rock、時而虛無的Raga,還少不了傳統東洋民謠,他們是Les Rallizes Denudes遇上Ghost,也是60年代The Rolling Stones遇上Blue Cheer。

由唱片走到舞台,Sundays & Cybele將這份狂野與醉幻,更自由更奔放地展現出來,就如他們的著名作品《Almost

3月10日於Hidden Agenda齊來領悟興奮與高潮的分別。
Date: March 10th (Friday)
Time: door open at 19:30, start at 20:00
VENUE : Hidden Agenda
香港九龍觀塘鴻圖工業大廈 G/F 觀塘鴻圖道 80 號 (觀塘鐵路站)
G/F Hung To Industrial Building,80 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

opening Act: 意色樓 AN ID SIGNAL

Ticket Price: HKD$240 (ADV)* / HKD$250 (ONLINE)** / HKD$290 (WALK-IN)

* 預售門票現以於 White Noise Records 獨家發售
* Advance ticket is now available exclusively at White Noise Records.

** online ticketing is available now at whitenoiserecords.org
** Plus $10.00 HKD service fee

Ticket Outlet:
White Noise Records (Enquiry: 2591 0499)
1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon (Mongkok Station A2 EXIT)

Total Information / 節目查詢: 9309 3659 (Gary)
email: whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com
White Noise Records: www.whitenoiserecords.org l www.facebook.com/WhiteNoiseRec
Presenter: White Noise
Art Direction : Trilingua http://www.trilingua.hk/
Acknowledgement: Hidden Agenda

Sundays & Cybele (Japan)
Describing music of great power and great expanse as “cinematic” can be fitting, if perhaps overused. When it comes to the music of Tokyo’s Sundays and Cybele, it’s incredibly appropriate.

“Sundays and Cybele” is the title of a 1962 French film directed by Serge Bourguignon, and the winner of an Oscar that year for “Best Foreign Language Film.” Conversely, “Heaven” is the title of the 2015 album from Sundays and Cybele, a Japanese band speaking the universal language of explosive, kaleidoscopic sound, for a result easily translated as both heavy and heavenly.

“Heaven” announces its intentions immediately; opening track “Black Rainbows” takes to the skies in an initially unhinged manner, sounding as much like an ending as a beginning, before a gate-crashing bass line drops us firmly into the overdriven world of Sundays and Cybele. If you’ve ever yearned to hear an Orange amp threaten to explode in a transcendent array of colors, “Heaven” is the album for you. “Almost Heaven” follows, providing evidence that Sundays and Cybele seem always to be reaching for peak experience, here demonstrated by a lead guitar break that seems to merge the differences between Ash Ra Tempel and The Dead Boys into a single, illuminating whole.

Since 2004, Sundays and Cybele has functioned as essentially the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kazuo Tsubouchi. On “Heaven,” Tsubouchi’s reach seems to aim even higher than ever before. At just over eight minutes, “Night Predator” is the longest song on the album, one that begins with a jaunty, upbeat melody that would seem to slightly betray the song’s title. Yet there’s something in the brittle, bruised stabs of guitar that punctuate the song that makes it clear the intent here is to draw blood – or at least bare its teeth. The same could be said of following track “Empty Seas” or, indeed, of the full album “Heaven” in and of itself. Sundays and Cybele possess a preternatural ability to infuse the straightforward with a strong shot of weirdness, which in turn allows their weirder moments to feel incredibly straightforward and easily translated.

“Hinagiku” and “Time Mirror” end the album on what, out of context, could easily be heard as a melancholy note. Given the extraordinary fuzz pedal abuse of the album’s previous twenty-six minutes, however, these two songs sound like Sundays and Cybele having reached their unreachable goal of “Heaven,” before floating away on another boundless, burning excursion. Heaven only knows where they’ll take us next. – Ryan Muldoon, revoltoftheapes.com

意色樓 AN ID SIGNAL (Hong Kong)
聽音符跟文字吵大架 一堆樂器聲聚在一起以為自己是浪
要蓋過那些單字和詞語 或俚語
想自己好似詩咁靚 床頭打交床尾和

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