Elintseeker - Geography Of The Heart (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Plop / Nature Bliss
Released: 11 June 2015
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Folk / Classical / Experimental
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* Japanese CD Edition

Description (English):
Geography Of The Heart is a collection of memories and feelings as well as a celebration of being lost in the form of 12 songs, composed and recorded as a musical journal instead of a handwritten one during various travels between 2011 to 2013. From the ancient castle at the edge of Krakow’s old town to the peaceful and quiet cemetery in Copenhagen to the back lanes of the Tokyo suburbs, the bones of these songs were composed in a stream of consciousness while in situ and were recorded as soon as possible before they are completely forgotten, to be expanded on the return home. This album marks a departure in style from previous works with a stronger focus on melody, musicianship, back-to-basics song crafting and the spirit of improvisation. A pop or folk inspired album if you will, but with an ambient heart.
This album features guest collaborators from all over the world. Among them, American singer-songwriter Jessica Bailiff, Macedonian singer Genoveva Kachurkova, Japanese musicians Ferri, Shunichiro Fujimoto (Fjordne) and Junya Yanagidaira (ironomi), Singaporean sound artist Darren Ng (sonicbrat) and musician Victor Low (Affixen), legendary American shoegaze guitarist Scott Cortez (lovesliescrushing), Australian experimental musician Charlie Sage (Year Of The Ox, Hessien) and
well-known French jazz guitarist and improviser Noël Akchoté. With their talents, the songs were expanded way beyond their original vision. All compositions were written, mixed and produced by elintseeker.

elintseeker is the solo project of Fuzz Lee from Singapore. With composition, textural sound design, silence, improvised movements of guitar, sound processing, light glitch electronics, found sound and field recordings, he articulates or reflects his feelings about daily life into musical form. He approaches composition with the mind-set of a painter painting a picture, by small strokes of the brush.

1.Letters To Reja 01:41
2.Kraków Gardens 05:35
3.Home 04:38
4.Geography Of The Heart 07:50
5.Große Schiffgasse 05:19
6.Up Wawel Hill 04:32
7.In The Air, Across The Sea, On The Way Home 04:08
8.La Marne (Interlude) 02:40
9.Assistens Kirkegården 03:48
10.Strasswalchen In November 05:00
11.Where The Two Rivers Kiss In Belgrade 04:06
12.Körtestraße After Midnight 01:45

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1 新しい春が呼んでる (A New Spring Is Calling)
2 ふつうって (Normal)
3 ワタシだけ持ってるパレットの色 (Colors Of A Palette Only I Possess)
4 駅まで15分 (15 Minutes To The Station)
5 過ぎてゆく (Simply Passes)
6 Seaside Studio
7 Here By Your Side
8 ヒーローはいない (Your Hero Doesn’t Exist)
9 Slaap Kindje Slaap
10 Already

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