White Noise ChoP festival Showcase [SOLD OUT]



We’re delighted to cooperate with ChoP festival this year and honored to invite and select three Polish artists from festival to showcase their music in White Noise Records Hong Kong.

Date: Nov 6th (Sunday)
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: White Noise Records
1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Mongkok A2 EXIT)

Michał Wolski [Recognition Records]
Nmls [N_Coded Records]
Lights Dim [Nature Bliss, N_Coded Records]


[Here is also a short description of the ChoP Festival]
The ChoP Project is a unique transnational initiative that includes sound and visual artists from China and Poland providing an opportunity to interact and collaborate with each other across two different continents. This year ChoP Project celebrates the 10th anniversary with a ChoP Festival in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Marek Kaminski aka Lights Dim
Marek Kaminski has been making music for almost 10 years, during which time he has released a handful of records published under several names, including his main project – Lights Dim.

Although he now lives in Warsaw, Kaminski has been an active participant of the Krakow’s music scene producing, recording and gigging with various local artists. He also cofounded the Krakow-based label Preserved Sound, which focusses on neo-classical and electroacoustic sounds, releasing artists from around the globe.

In his recordings Kaminski combines the sound of acoustic instruments, field recordings, found footage and subtle sound-design. The resulting music stylistically draws from ambient, neoclassical, and IDM. Throughout his musical career, Kaminski has collaborated with many artists, both Polish and foreign. So far, he managed to join forces with Six Gallery (JP), Endless Melancholy (UA), Heinali (UA) and GrzegorzBojanek (PL). Lights Dim records have been released by such labels as Nature Bliss (JP) and Audio Gourmet (UK), as well as by his friends from Preserved Sound. In addition, the artist together with PiotrDabrowski (aka. ptr1) creates an electronic duo Echolette – the project’s debut EP was released in 2015.

Apart from creating music, Marek Kaminski works as an audio-video producer, cameraman, editor and production coordinator for an international online TV platform. So far, he had the opportunity to work with many prominent representatives of the Polish music scene, including Happysad, Indios Bravos, DagaDana, and ChłopcyKontraBasia, aiding them in various promotional activities.

Marek Kaminski從事音樂創作已接近10年時間,在此期間他以多個名義發行了一系列唱片,其中包括他的主要項目–Lights Dim。

儘管現居華沙,Marek依舊是克拉科夫音樂界創作的活躍分子與當地各界藝術家一起製作,錄音和演出。他共同建立了以克拉科夫為根據地,專注於新古典聲樂和電聲音樂的廠牌Preserved Sound,為全球藝術家提供交流平台。

在他的唱片中,Marek將原聲樂器,實地錄音以及現有錄影片段的聲響與巧妙的聲音設計相結合。風格上,他創作的音樂結合了氛圍音樂,新古典音樂和IDM的特點。在他的音樂生涯中,Marek與眾多波蘭及國外的藝術家進行過合作。迄今,他曾與六畫廊(JP),無盡的憂鬱(UA),Heinali(UA)以及GrzegorzBojanek(PL)聯合創作。曾經在眾多廠牌例如Nature Bliss(JP)和Audio Gourmet(UK)的名義下發行,有時也通過來自Preserved Sound的朋友發行。此外,Marek聯同PiotrDabrowski(又名ptr1)成立了雙人電子組合Echolette,其首張迷你專輯在2015年發行。

除去音樂創作,Marek在一家國際線上電視台擔任視音頻製作人,攝影師,編輯兼協調製片。至今為止,他曾與很多出色的波蘭音樂界代表人物合作並在他們的各種宣傳活動中提供幫助,合作對象包括Happysad,Indios Bravos,DagaDana和ChłopcyKontraBasia。


Michał Wolski
Musician, journalist, radio host. In his works he is looking for a balance between the corporeal and the contemplative aspects of music. Sound induced by him can be described as something between techno, deep techno and dub techno, under a deep impact of broadly although not always explicitly understood ambient.
Founder of Minicromusic Rec. Related to Recognition Rec., Blank Slate Rec., Eerie Rec., Technosoul Rec., Silent Season Rec., International Day Off Rec., Lost in Ether Rec., ResopalSchallware.

Minicromusic唱片廠牌創始人,與識別記錄,空白板記錄,Eerie Rec。,Technosoul記錄,沉默季節記錄,國際日期記錄,丟失在以太網註冊和ResopalSchallware等廠牌關係密切。


PiotrMichałowski aka Nmls

PiotrMichałowski, professionally known as Nmls, is electronic music composer and producer born in 1988, living in Warsaw. While producing music, he is focused on its technical aspects. Sometimes these are inspiration for him. Fascinated by the sound-processing technologies, he very often creates completely new sounds by using a long chain of effects applied to the input sound. Nmls’s music is usually simple, harmonic and delicate. Although it derives from ambient it would go further, reaching different genres like Downtempo, Bass Music or IDM. Thanks to his simple and repetitive track’s arrangement the listener can focus more on the sound itself and “dive deeper” into the music. Nmls has been making music for over 10 years and playing live since 2008. He has already played about 100 live-acts in Poland, China, Czech Republic and Germany. His solo albums and cooperation projects (Bojanek& Michalowski, Ambot) were released by among others Ohm Resistance, Component Recordings, Essentia Mundi, Etalabel and Wefrec. Recently, he started his own label – N_Coded Records. Besides making music, he is interested in photography, programming and film-making.

PiotrMichałowski,以Nmls名字而為人熟知。1988年生於華沙。在製作音樂時他很注重其技術層面,有時這些會給他靈感。由於對聲音處理技術的著迷,他經常使用一連串效應應用到聲音輸入來創造全新的聲音.Nmls的音樂通常很簡單悅耳和細膩。雖然這源於自然但它卻更加前衛,涉及到更多的音樂種類,例如Downtempo,Bass Music或者IDM。有賴於其音樂簡單而多重複的音軌安排,聽眾可以更好的專注於聲音本身並在音樂之中更加“深入”.Nmls從事音樂創作十年有餘並從2008年起開始現場演奏。在波蘭,中國,捷克共和國和德國進行了100場左右的現場表演。他的個人專輯以及與其他音樂家合作的雙重奏(Bojanek&Michalowski,Ambot)項目在Ohm Resistance,Component Recordings,Essentia Mundi,Etalabel,除了音樂製作之外,Nmls對攝影,編程和電影製作也頗具興趣。


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