Pictured Resort - All Vacation Long (Japanese 1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Sailyard / Jet Set
Released: 25 Jan 2017
Genre: Electronic / Indie-Pop / City-Pop / Japanese-Indie
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* Japanese Limited 1LP Edition
* For Fans of… Prefab Sprout, Lake Heartbeat, Ned Doheny, Tender Leaf, Ikkubaru, Breakbot, Poolside, Midnight Runners, Suchmos, Lucky Tapes etc…

Description (English):
1st album of Pictured Resort, indie pop band from Japan.

Osaka based 4-piece indie pop band Pictured Resort’s debut album “All Vacation Long” out from Sailyard, the sub label of Fastcut Records, in August 10, 2016. It consists of 10 songs, includes ‘Picture Of You’ and ‘Phenomenon On My Pillow’, filled with clear breezin’ sounds inspired by AOR, 80’s city pop and sophisticated pop like Prefab Sprout.

Side A
1. Good Weather
2. Away To Paradise
3. Departure (When You Smile Lightly)
4. Back To The Weekend
5. Electric Birdland
6. Califia’s Coast

Side B
1. Picture Of You
2. Party Town
3. But Only Tonight
4. Your Young Heart
5. Phenomenon On My Pillow

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