LITE - Installation +1 (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Country: E.U.
Label: Blood And Biscuits
Released: 3 Feb 2014
Genre: Rock / Math-Rock / Post-Rock / Instrumental / Electronica
Order BSCTS028LP

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* Comes in gatefold sleeve.

Description (English):
The amazing 2012 release from Japanese Math Rock band LITE. The album features a bonus track on both the digital and vinyl formats called “Pleiades”.

A1. Starry Morning
A2. Echolocation
A3. Hunger
A4. Alter Ego
A5. Between Us
B1. Bond
B2. Fog Up
B3. Starry Night
B4. Subaru
B5. Nomad
B6. Pleiades

LITE / bond (live version)

LITE – Installation (digest mix)

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