okamotonoriaki - Happy Ending (CD Edition)

Country: Malaysia
Label: Mü-Nest
Released: 28 July 2016
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / IDM / Ambient
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* CD Edition

Descrition (English):
Critically acclaimed Tokyo-based audio-visual artist, okamotonoriaki, is back with his long-awaited 3rd solo album – “Happy Ending”, an emotional album that took 3 years to craft, capturing stories and moments about lost and loneliness with his unique style of unconventional pop music.
While those details that define okamotonoriaki’s previous albums – beautiful piano notes, delicate melody lines, and layer after layer of masterfully crafted beat programming, still intact, more fresh elements have been carefully instilled into this new album. The unconventional arrangement that pushes the boundary of pop music, the astonishingly detailed and varied sound palettes, and the musical chemistry through collaboration, all contributed to this breathtaking
new album that allow us to see the new side of okamotonoriaki.
In this 3rd album, okamotonoriaki collaborated with Tokyo’s dream-pop darling, Cuushe, in “At The Window”- a melancholy track that tell the story of a woman’s endless wait for the homecoming of her astronaut lover. Malaysian singer-songwriter Aki Huang also lent her enthralling vocal in the spellbinding track “Citylights”. Critically acclaimed Malaysian electro-acoustic outfit, Flica, and Kyotobased prominent guitarist, Polar M, both joint-force with him to create some of the finest moments in the album.
“Happy Ending” is mastered by none other than Tokyo’s renowned musician and sound engineer,
Chihei Hatakeyama, with Tokyo/Berlin-based design house – The Simple Society, at the design helm.

01. Escaper
02. Dogsled
03. At The Window (w/ Cuushe)
04. Here And There
05. Citylights (w/ Aki Huang)
06. Polaris
07. Tokyo (w/ Flica)
08. Snow Day
09. Rooftop Paradise (w/ Polar M)
10. Happy Ending

okamotonoriaki – "Happy Ending" from okamotonoriaki on Vimeo.

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