Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - World Of Funk (2LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Ubiquity Records
Released: 19 Jan 2015
Genre: Rock / Blues Rock / Funk / Soul / Funk / Folk Rock
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* 2LP Edition

Descrition (English):
Lee has as an uncanny ability to pick-up and play any instrument he can lay his hands on (his studio is like a candy-store for curious musicians) and for World of Funk he went global playing sitar, ektar, Balaphone, Tanpura, kalimba, Steel drum, Guitarron, Moroccan castanets, Cithare, vibraphone, Xylophone, Bulbul tarang, Charango, Bouzouki, talking drum, and Udu.

Adding to Lees melting pot of sounds are guests from around the world. Brazilian singer-multi instrumentalist Curumin (Hailing from Sao Paulo, and of Japanese/Spanish Brazilian background) and British/Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas completely embody the spirit of World of Funk. While on-tour in Los Angeles this Summer Lee locked down three very special collaborations. The first was with Chhom Nimol the LA based Cambodian singer with the band Dengue Fever. Lee made an instrumental track with Clutchy Hopkins (which includes the sound of a 1960’s Smith and Corona typewriter!) for Dengue Fever member Paul Smith who recorded Chhoms haunting vocal. A chance meeting with Bardo of Chicano Batman on Sunset Boulevard led to some garage-y flavored West Coast Latino-funk. And then both Willie McNeal and Money Mark suggested Lee work with Cava.

The album also features Truth and Soul Recording artist Michael Leonhart, NOMO bandleader Elliot Bergman, and Lee’s mother-in-law (aka Nanny Jee)!

A1 Bina – 3:30
A2 Ghost In The Rain – 4:02
A3 Ethio – 3:48
B1 Cairo Cairo – 4:01
B2 Nao Vacila – 4:02
B3 La Eterna Felicidad – 3:24
C1 Nanny Jee – 4:18
C2 Iceberg – 4:36
C3 Booya – 3:54
C4 The Mighty Atlas – 2:35
D1 Mi Ilusion – 4:03
D2 Accelerate – 6:05
D3 Tablacadabra – 2:41
D4 Hairy Krishner – 1:53

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