Stephan Mathieu - The Sad Mac (Japanese CD Gatefold Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: HEADZ / Vectors
Released: 22 Dec 2004
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Ambient
Order HEADZ-33

Shipping Rate: B


* Japanese CD Edition

Description (English):
Schwebung proudly presents THE SAD MAC, Stephan Mathieu’s lost classic recorded and produced between Summer 2001 and 2004 and originally released on the Headz label from Tokyo in the Winter of 2004, for the first time as full resolution FLAC edition with a PDF booklet by Caro Mikalef.

All the factors that make Mathieu’s trademark sound today are already in full play here, the spectral drones, early instruments and obsolete media like historical computers or wax-cylinders, coupled with his unique sense for composing an album turn THE SAD MAC into a timeless piece of abstract digitalia.

1. Anakrousis – 0:10
2. Theme For Oud Amelisweerd – 17:35
3. Nibbio – 3:45
4. Smile – 6:02
5. Portrait Of The Composer As Turbonegro – 0:06
6. Tinfoil Star – 4:08
7. Luft Von Anderen Planeten – 3:15
8. Imagination – 5:20
9. Tinfoil Star (Recording Angels) – 3:15
10. IcredevirrA – 4:18
11. End Titles (150pt) – 0:21

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