FM3 - Buddha Machine V.2 (Aqua)

Country: Hong Kong
Label: FM3 (Self-Released)
Released: 3 Nov 2008
Genre: Electronica / Minimal / Ambient / Acoustic / Drone

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The Beijing-based duo FM3 is back with an all-new version of their wildly successful 2005 release, the Buddha Machine. Introducing Buddha Machine 2.0: 9 new loops. 3 new colors. Pitch bend. Blurring the line between music box and musical instrument, the Buddha Machine 2.0 is an interactive album that lets users customize the listening experience. Drop the pitch and the music ebbs in a low ambient drone. Boost the speed and suddenly its alive with melody. Add a few more machines, set them at different speeds and you have an evolving audio perfume. Plug it into a mixer, add some beats or vocals or guitar… FM3 won’t mind. In fact, they encourage people to use the Buddha Machine as inspiration. Since its release in 2005, the original Buddha Machine has sold more than 50,000 units worldwide and has won praise from artists as diverse as Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Low, Monolake, Sunn O))), Blixa Bargeld and Mike Patton. Legendary producer Brian Eno was the first customer for the original Buddha Machine and nearly 3 years later told FM3 he still “cherishes” his purchase! Similar in shape and design to the original Buddha Machine, but boasting more robust construction and improved sound quality, the 2.0 comes in three colors: burgundy, grey and brown. For those who haven’t experienced the pleasure of the original, the Buddha Machine is essentially a small plastic box that plays ambient loops. The loops repeat endlessly until the “track” is switched or the two AA batteries (not included) run out. The machine has its own built-in speaker and there is also a headphone jack for a more personal experience. But the charm of the device isn’t nearly as specific: the Buddha Machine has a calming presence in today’s fast-paced world. Its charm mixes with FM3’s innovative music to provide the owner with an experience that is hard to define. Essentially, it’s a box with a life, a tool for living, and to many, it’s a friend. Founded in 1999 by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian, FM3 are considered pioneers of electronic music in China. Inspired by Buddhist prayer boxes found at temples around Asia, the duo released the original Buddha Machine in April 2005, winning acclaim in publications including, The New York Times and Arthur magazine.

1 卯 – Mao – 0:47
2 離 – Li – 0:25
3 Piano – 0:26
4 噌 – Ceng – 0:15
5 兮 – Xi – 0:58
6 艮 – Gen – 1:06
7 羽 – Yu – 0:10
8 兑 – Dui – 0:21
9 歡 – Huan – 0:08

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