The Heliocentrics - From The Deep (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Now-Again Records
Released: 26 Feb 2016
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul / Psychedelic
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* CD Edition

Description (English):
Returning after their Last Transmission collaborative album with Melvin Van Peebles, the Heliocentrics finish off their trawl through the vaults of tracks recorded at their old digs – Quatermass Studios – with psychedelic tinged funk and jazz instrumentals Rolling Stone describes as “…sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.”

1. Intro
2. Discovery
3. Visions Of Himself
4. The Five Thing
5. Thunder And Lightning
6. Noises And Conversations
7. The Pit
8. Primitivos
9. Telekinesis
10. Night And Day
11. Something Bad Coming
12. Looking Back
13. The Gas Bottle
14. .Phenomenon Of Man
15 Outer Realms Pt.2
16. Hysteria
17. Into The Vortex
18. Mass Psychosis
19. Outro

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