The Observatory - August is the cruellest (CD Limited Edition)

Country: Singapore
Label: The Observatory (Self-Relased)
Released: 29 Feb 2016
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Rock / Avant-Rock / Post-Rock
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* Deluxe heavyweight paper CD Sleeve
* Album liner insert, Limited to 500 copies

Description (English):
The current constellation of The Observatory are vibrations of shifting rhythms, synth bass space, oscillators and abused guitars, with repetition and urgency at the heart of their riff. Hammering out a certain truth. Noise, rock,
and melancholy. The Observatory – a name that implies passive objectivity, but which really describes a band whose musical output is an impassioned response to the society it is enmeshed in, a society divided, and in tumult –
where new forms of oppression must be actively met with new strategies for resistance.
The heart and soul of The Observatory is in its constant reinvention. Since their formation in 2001, the band has gone from folk electronica to prog to avant rock, taking a stylistic sledgehammer to each and every one of their
previous releases, and approaching a more primal sound in recent years. This is evident in their sixth album, Oscilla (2014), a nod to the people of the Zomian highlands. Lyricist Low has stated that the album explores “living off
the grid in some way or another, (offering) criticism of existing paradigms, alternatives, the view from the ground up”. Texturally complex and visceral, The Observatory’s music crosses wasted borders to parallel polarities within
human existence, provoking and inspiring in a deeply enigmatic way.
The gang of four are huge music fans, drawing inspiration from their Southeast Asian roots and contemporary heroes of new music and art to create a stirring concoction of potent and powerful extremes. The band’s 7th long player, Continuum (2015), a gamelan-inspired work featuring bronze instruments custom-built on a unique 6-tone scale, was a result of the band’s 2-year exploration of music from Bali, a creative influence much closer to their cultural homeground. The music remains dark, a thick bewitching stew of interlocking Balinese-African rhythms, prog rock, early electronic music, and trance, marked by the use of repetitive figures and tuning variations to create cyclical vibrations known as ‘beats’. Frequent collaborator Lasse Marhaug’s remix track closes the 6-parter.
With August is the cruellest (2016), in the aftermath of one of the worst haze disasters in history set against the backdrop of SG50, Singapore’s fulsome celebration of 50 years of independence, the group’s 8th long player
addresses modernity’s strident excesses vis-a-vis the ongoing ecological destruction in Southeast Asia, a result of environmental crime, economic greed, weak political will and an overarching domination of big business over
humanitarian ideals.

1. August is the cruellest 6:47
2. Brutal blues 4:24
3. Wait for the real storm 10:05
4. A ghost to you 8:56
5. Everything is vibration 6:40
6. You have no heart 7:28
7. The weight of it all 5:45

August is the Cruellest (Album Preorder) from The Observatory on Vimeo.

August is the Cruellest Album Preorder2 from The Observatory on Vimeo.

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