Antena - Camino Del Sol (2LP Gatefold Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Numero Group
Released: 15 June 2010
Genre: Electronic / Latin / Synth-pop / Bossanova / Latin
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* 2LP Gatefold Edition

Description (English):
1982, Brussels: The former au pair for Rick Wakeman of Yes and two of her teenage friends are at the doorstep of Les Disques Du Crepuscule, ready to cut an album with Gilles Martin. Living on busking wages and next door to Tuxedomoon, their work results in a contemporary bossanova record that would provide a missing link between Antonio Carlos Jobim and Kraftwerk. Camino Del Sol was issued and promptly forgotten, with Isabelle Antena moving toward jazz in Asia and the others returning to France. Twenty years later, it was findable only as a VG+ LP with a sticker price of $4.99. Intrigued by the striking cover’s sunlit patio furniture emptiness basking in the south of France, we scooped up Camino Del Sol and grouped the extant Antena recordings from that exceptional period by session. Our definitive 2LP reissue of the original five-song mini-LP adds the group’s first 12” (a cover of Jobim’s “Girl From Ipanema,” naturally), the Seaside Weekend 12”, compilation tracks, and two previously unissued cuts, recasting this short-lived combo’s forward-thinking milemarker as a modern-day masterstroke.

A1. Achilles
A2. Silly Things
B1. Camino Del Sol
B2. Bye Bye Papaye
B3. Sisséxa
C1. The Boy From Ipanema
C2. To Climb The Cliff
C3. Unable
C4 Spiral Staircase
C5. Noelle A Hawai
D1. Ingenuous
D2. Frantz
D3. .On The Boat
D4. Jappo + Eno
D5. Seaside Week End
D6. Chanson Des Jumelles

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