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猪俣 猛 Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Innocent Canon (Japanese 1LP Edition, Reissue)

* Japanese 1LP Edition, Reissue
Description (English):
Nothing innocent about this record – because the groove is hard and heavy, wild and trippy – a really heady brew of funky jazz and more psychedelic influences – all recorded with some weird sounds in the background too! The album’s a great one from Japanese groove pioneer Takeshi Inomata [...]

Masayuki Takayanagi Action Direct 高柳昌行 - Three Improvised Variations On A Theme Of Qadhafi

*Japanese Edition
Description (English):
Masayuki Takayanagi: guitar
Produced by Yasunori Saito
Recorded at City 8, Hamamatsu, Japan, December 16, 1990
Mastered by Yukio Kojima
Cover art by Yoko Hase
Artwork and design by Studio Zap Inc.
Includes liner notes in English and Japanese by Jim O’Rourke (translation by Kazuhito Yasutani), and in Japanese by Yasunori Saito
Released in June 2002
1. Variation I (21:09)
2. Variation [...]

阿部薫 Kaoru Abe - Last Date 8. 28, 1978 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Jewel Case CD Edition
Profile (English):
Kaoru Abe (阿部薫) (May 3, 1949 – September 9, 1978) was an influential Japanese free jazz alto saxophonist, who is often regarded as being the greatest abrasive sounding saxophonist.
He generally performed solo, and died young from a drug overdose, and has since been immortalized in the jazz scene. [...]

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