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Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra - ONJO

This is Otomo’s first Orchestra work. From Ground Zero to ONJQ, Otomo always made inroads into Avant-Garde music. This orchestra work include two Japanese famous female vocalists, Kahimi Karie and Hamada Mariko, and have various sounds – noise, pops, jazz, orchestral big bang hits, happening in their playing, obscure tone, Sho – Japanese traditional instrument, [...]

Four Tet - Ringer

* Digipack CD
* Issued as a video console style black compact disc.
Description (English):
Four Tet returns with four tracks of techno (not techno). The Ringer mini-album is a 32-minute, four-track excursion into the kind of wide-open spaces you might find if you set out to make techno with an afrobeat/krautrock sensibility. Ringer locks together gloriously rich [...]

Masayuki Takayanagi 高柳昌行 - Live Independence

(Japanese JewelCase Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
高柳昌行New Direction:
Guitar – 高柳昌行
Bass – 吉沢元治
Drums – 豊住芳三郎
Recorded 11 & 12 March, 1970 at Station’70, Tokyo
1  Herdsman’s Pipe Of Spain – 21:27
2  Mass Projection – 21:07

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