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吉沢元治 Motoharu Yoshizawa Dave Burrell - Dreams (Japanese Cardboard CD Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* Japanese Cardboard CD Edition
Description (English):
Recorded at Iino Hall, Tokyo on November 30, 1973.
Remastered at King Records Sekiguchidai Studios.
1. Red-Black – 19:18
2. Green-Daydream – 19:46

Keiki Midorikawa - Complete “Grüne Revolution”

Keiki Midorikawa(cello, bass)、Masahiko Togashi(percussion, drums)、Masayuki Takayanagi(guitar)、Masahiko Sato(piano). recorded on January 16, 1976 at Nichi-futsu kaikan, Tokyo concert produced by Teruto Soejima, Keiki Midorikawa “Beyond description”, 4th date of ‘Inspiration & Power vol.2′
The original LP of this work has duo with Takayanagi on A side and duo with Sato on B side. But in the concert, [...]

Ground Zero - Live 1992+

This CD includes unissued live performances and studio recordings (12, 13) right after Otomo formed GROUND-ZERO. This happened before the release of their first album, called “Ground-Zero” (God Mountain). Their playing is in the rough and sound quality is not quite best, but this materials should be kept a record of their intence performances of [...]

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