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Otomo Yoshihide 大友良英 - Guitar Solo: 12 October 2004 @ Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo + 1

First Otomo’s guitar solo work. This work include beautiful acoustic pieces and intense electric pieces, recorded on 12th Oct, 2004 at Shinjuku Pit Inn and new studio recording piece..
1. Theme From Canary for Shiota Akihiko (Otomo / acoustic) 2:09
2. Rig (Otomo / electric) 8:14
3. Gomen for Togashi Shin (Otomo / acoustic) 3:54
4. Mood Indigo (Ellington [...]

Masayuki Takayanagi 高柳昌行 - Meta Improvisation Hokkaido Tour November 21-28, 1984 + Bonus Disc

* Japanese Edition, Jewel Case CD with Bonus Disc
Description (English):
“This is Takayanagi’s live solo performances recorded from 1984 Hokkaido Tour. tunes were selected and edited by Otomo Yoshihide. those takayanagi solo performances were cued himself to organize “ACTION DIRECT” right after. So “Meta Improvisation” is the pre-”Action Direct”, that is to say: all tunes are [...]

Kaoru Abe 阿部薫 - Solo Live At Gaya Vol. 3 (Japanese Reissue Edition)

* Japanese Jewel Case CD, Reissue with Obi strip
Profile (English):
Kaoru Abe (阿部薫) (May 3, 1949 – September 9, 1978) was an influential Japanese free jazz alto saxophonist, who is often regarded as being the greatest abrasive sounding saxophonist.
He generally performed solo, and died young from a drug overdose, and has since been immortalized in the [...]

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