Spangle Call Lilli Line - Forest at the Head of a River (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Felicity
Released: 23 June 2010
Genre: Indie / Indie-Pop / Downtempo / Japanese-Indie / Electronic
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* Japanese CD Edition.

Profile (English):
Formed in 1998. The band members are consist of three people: Kana Otsubo, Ken Fujieda and Kiyosaki Sasahara. They have released 10 albums, 2 singles, 3 live albums, and 2 best album. They have also participated in numerous compilation albums. In addition to Spangle call Lilli line, each member has been very actively working for various side projects in and outside of Japan. For example, Kana Otsubo (vocal) works for her own solo project as “NINI TOUNUMA,” Ken Fujieda and Kiyosaki Sasahara work as a unit, “TEN TO SEN (DOT & LINE)” to release projects, and three of them collaborate with artists in and outside of Japan.

Description (Japanese):


1. zola
2. sea of lights
3. em
4. cobalt
5. out of sight
6. univocal

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