KAFKA - Kafka (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records / Mighty Highness ‎
Released: 17 Sep 2014
Genre: Jazz / Jazz-Funk / Afrobeat / Jazz-Rock / Funk / Soul
Order PCD-93826

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* Japanese CD Edition

Description (English):
Kafka’s debut album is in the can, the artwork has been finalized and the CD’s have been pressed!
3 years ago in about June, Misha Laurent had the pleasure to witness the full explosion of this Afro Latin Funk Jazz outfit in the heart of Brisbane.
He strait away thought, “wow I would love to press this on 45’s for Mighty Highness Records first realease!”
Strait after the gig the Kafka boys and Misha decided to get a recording of this musical fury.
Well it turned out to be a great big ride into the making of “Kafka” and 3 years later we have it!
The Band Recorded in 3 diferrent studios between Brisbane and Byron Bay, the rhythm section at “Rocking Horse studios”, Horns at “MHR HQ”, vocals and extra percussions at Tanuki’s in Brisbane.
We then had to edit things to fit it on the seven inch format, and got into Wavelength studios to mix the record. Respect to Dave Atkins!!!!!!! With out you all this would not have been possible!
While this was all happening, we had to get some artwork fitting the sound.

1. Intro: Step Right In
2. Investigations Of A Giant Squid
3. Lucifers Redemption
4. Themes Of Delvechio
5. Afro Innay
6. Hand Solo
7. The Track Whisperer
8. Illumination
9. Messin’
10. Release Your Belief
11. Baboon Slap
12. Fire No Burn
13. Interlude
14. The Kafka Anthem
15. Sister

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