Marvin Peterson and The Soulmasters - Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters In Concert (Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, Reissue)

Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records / Deep Jazz Reality
Released: 2 June 2010
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul
Order PCD-93332

Shipping Rate: B


* Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, Reissue

Description (English):
Of all the Holy Grail LPs that we’ve reissued so far, this is quite possibly the rarest of the rare, with a miniscule 50 copies of the original album having been pressed up 40 or so years ago. It’s a miracle that any copies at all have survived since then, but we’ve jumped through hoops to ensure that not only have we faithfully reproduced the original, but we’ve done it with a quality that cannot be rivaled!

Marvin “Hannibal” Peterson will be a familiar name to ’70s jazz enthusiasts, but his career started with the Soulmasters in Texas back in the ’60s. As bandleader and trumpeter, they were a popular outfit around the Texas nightclub circuit with their own brand of funky jazz, soul ballads and RnB showmanship. This album manages to squeeze in all three, including the extended funky jazz workout “Our Groove”, the haunting ballad “Five Foot Even” and finishing off with a cracking version of James Brown’s “I Can’t Stand It”.

For lovers of soul, jazz, funk and all things in between, this album is for you.

1. Groove For Otis
2. Five Foot Even
3. Conversation
4. Our Groove
5. Summertime
6. I Can’t Stand It

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