Cruyff In The Bedroom - Hacanatzkina (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Only Feedback Record
Released: 3 Oct 2012
Genre: Japanese-Indie / Shoegaze / Indie-Rock / Rock
Order DDCZ-1832

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* Japanese CD Edition

Biography (English):
cruyff in the bedroom formed in Shimokitazawa in 1998, the year Japan made their debut in the World Cup. Their name is a homage to the legendary Dutch football player and coach named Johan Cruyff. The band primarily sticks to playing gigs in the Shimokitazawa area and have found a home at CLUBE Que. They are the main organizers of the “Only Feedback” music events held at the club. They set up their own label, also called “Only Feedback”. Their American releases are handled through TONEVENDER, and European releases are handled through 1970 RECORDINGS.

1. Kingdom Anthem / About The World – 5:13
2. When Moonrise – 4:29
3. Moondaze Moongaze – 5:02
4. La Vie En Rose – 2:27
5. Hanabira Eine Krause – 2:28
6. Separando Uma Lavanda – 4:56
7. Moon River Boat – 3:53
8. Diamond Bell – 3:39
9. Mele – 5:40
10. Ainettie – 3:34
11. Tokyo Loves You – 3:59

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In February 2015, guitarist Sakamoto Natsuki left the band.
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