Singapore Sling - The Tower Of Foronicity (1LP Colored Limited Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Fuzz Club Records
Released: 1 Nov 2014
Genre: Rock / New Wave / Psychedelic-Rock
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* Limited Edition of 750 copies in translucent red vinyl.

Description (English):
Sometimes you need to burrow through the darkness of your soul to find the light in your life. This album is definitely dark at times, but through it all, it comes with a sense of release and freedom’ – Levitation Magazine

The return of Icelandic Singapore Sling is upon us with their seventh studio album, recorded in the winter of 2011-2012 titled ‘The Towers of Foronocity’.
Twelve tracks of that dark, moody and broody sound that we all have come to know so well. It’s like a surrealistic dream sequence out of a David Lynch movie. Walls and walls of sound, layered between darkness and light.
The album contains some of the bands best songs to date, including the opening track “You Drive Me Insane” with it’s thump coming at you, it’ll have you tasting the blood (of Singapore Sling) immediately.

A1. You Drive Me Unsane
A2. All Your Sins
A3. In With The Out
A4. Let’s Go
A5. Careful, I’m Evil
A6. Kill Baby Kill
B1. Nuthin’s Real
B2. Who Put The Ebb In The Ebbebebb
B3. Absolute Garbage
B4. I Hate Myself
B5. My Obsessive Love
B6. Tired

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1. プレリュード
2. 影の問答
3. 磨硝子
4. 風の仕業
5. 痕跡地図
6. 気まぐれな朝
7. 煙夜の夢 vimeo
a. 香水壜と少女
b. 空虚な肖像画
c. 煙夜の夢(夜が固まる前)
8. 青磁色の空
9. グッド・ナイト

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