Annelies Monsere - Marits

Country: Sweden
Label: Auetic
Released: 2009
Genre: Post-Rock / Modern Classical / Slow-Core
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Annelies started recording the album in Hilversum, the Netherlands and continued the process, after moving there, in Gent, Belgium. For the first time, Annelies invited friends, Jessica Bailiff, Nathan Amundsen (rivulets), to play and sing. They introduced sounds and instruments new to Annelies’ oeuvre like the violin-uke, stairwell – reverb, electric guitar drones and even drums. All musicians added their very own interpretations of proposed arrangements to the songs, without throwing overboard Annelies’ recognizable sense for simple, yet poignant melodies and stark sounds. Recommended if you like: Nico, Movietone, Folk, Shoegaze, drones and/or minimal songwriting.

1. We left home
2. Common ground
3. September
4. I will lock you
5. Coda
6. Have you heard?
7. 7
8. I might never see
9. Will you be found?
10. Can’t
11. Like yesterday
12. This is home

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