Eisi - Awaawa

Country: Japan
Label: Noble Records / Midi Creative
Released: 11 Nov 2003
Genre: Avant-Garde / Post-Rock / Leftfield / Electronica / Noise

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Following noble’s 7th release “suomi” by Gutevolk, is eisi’s first album. Eisi is vocalist and upright bassist Mujika Easel, guitarist Tsutomu Kobori and trumpet and electronics Masaaki Morita. Eisi has played various venues including live houses, cafes and galleries around the Osaka area. Their unique world and staging has long been the talk of event organizers and promoters with advanced ears. This awaited album welcomes engineer Ohji Hayashi of SHONEN KNIFE, NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA and BOREDAMS fame, and is an ambitious self-produced effort including live recordings from cafes in Kyoto. The never-ending guitar arpeggios, radical key changes in trumpet. Mujika Easel’s deeply affectionate and one of a kind voice sings a beautiful melody as if from across the shore. EIisi’s visual sound stimulates the imagination and is the acoustic music of a new generation, beyond noise, song and post-rock.

1  Awaawa
2  Cloud, Light, Water
3  Motel
Voice Or Vice
5  14
6  Soshite Hossuru
7  Izumi

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