Caribou - Our Love (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Merge Records
Released: 7 Oct 2014
Genre: Electronica / Leftfield / Experimental / Indie-Rock
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* CD Edition

Description (English):
You reach a point in life where the question of how to stay at the top of your game looms, with the only real solution being: you change the game. Our Love, the new album from Caribou, is the sound of Dan Snaith doing just that. Our Love is the fifth studio album from Caribou.

Our Love is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop-inspired beats, muted house basslines, and a love of shuffling garage that can be traced all the way back to the time of Start Breaking My Heart – all of which are, of course, filtered through Dan’s own unique perspective. The warm analog sounds of classic soul should not be overlooked either, for they weave themselves most intensely into the record’s DNA. In fact, Our Love is probably Caribou’s most soulful record to date, with tracks like “Back Home” whose heartfelt lyrics – dealing in tired relationships and a weary kind of love – and organic nature cut through the bubbling synths and blissful euphoria of their synthetic constructions. It’s not all downbeat of course; while some thoughts linger on mortality, loss, and letting go, there is always an element of celebration.

1. Can’t Do Without You – 3:56
2. Silver – 5:16
3. All I Ever Need – 3:52
4. Our Love – 5:34
5. Dive – 2:06
6. Second Chance – 4:00
7. Julia Brightly – 2:03
8. Mars – 5:45
9. Back Home – 3:33
10. Your Love Will Set You Free – 5:47

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