65daysofstatic - Wild Light (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Superball Music
Released: 29 Oct 2013
Genre: Post-Rock / Electronica / Indie-Rock / Glitch
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* Jewel Case CD

Description (English):
the sixth album from the Sheffield-based instrumental Post-Rock outfit. Initially, the band interspersed heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental sections with live drums and off-beat sampled drums akin to those of Aphex Twin, although since their second album they have developed their work to include keyboard parts.

1. Heat Death Infinity Splitter
2. Prisms
3. The Undertow
4. Blackspots
5. Sleepwalk City
6. Taipei
7. Unmake The Wild Light
8. Safe Passage

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*Jewel Case
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Hotel New Tokyo - Yes? (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Edition
Description (English):
Tokyo Jazz / Fusion group HOTEL NEW TOKYO 3rd album “Yes” will be scheduled to release on 19.06.2013 via Rose Records. This is their latest album after “2009 Spring / Summer” which released on March, 2009.
Bio (Japanese):
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03. Succession
04. フレミングの家
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* Slipcover over jewelcase with “(” and “)” cut-out.
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