Teruyuki Nobuchika 延近輝之 - Morceau

Country: Japan
Label: Schole
Released: 11 Sep 2009
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Pop
Order SCH-011

Shipping Rate: A


teruyuki nobuchika is a musician, composer and producer, based in tokyo. he composes mainly the soundtrack of the TV drama and the movie. and, he composes AMBIENT, ELECTRONICA and CLASSICAL music.

This is one noble and beautiful soundscape,
woven by Teruyuki Nobuchika with his finely honed sensitivity.
The debut album is about to become the new standard of domestic Folktronica.

This time, schole presents the debut album by a composer Teruyuki Nobuchika. First of all, this interesting album is well structured by many varieties of pieces. For T1”pola,” this piece has the honor of the symbolic role in modern ambient music. On the other hand, for T2”tiny fairy” and T3”in the park,” these pieces act in concert with former schole pieces’ mental images. Also, T6”piano bit” or T8”p2d” would show his genre-free, abundant mind.
And finally, above all, the combinations to the finale T10”bagatelle no.1,” T11”reposer,” T12”nocturne” are worthy of special mention. It doesn’t need to be explained nothing other for Nobuchika’s final movement at all.
There are just some pieces, which so close to us human beings.

1.Pola (4:08)
2.Tiny Fairy (3:49)
3.In The Park (2:44)
4.Tranquille (4:22)
5.Half Moon (2:45)
6.Piano Bit (2:42)
7.Deauville (3:57)
8.P2d (3:30)
9.Hypnotique (3:22)
10.Bagatelle No.1 (2:58)
11.Reposer (3:51)
12.Nocturne (2:54)

Also by Teruyuki Nobuchika 延近輝之

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