The Proctors - Everlasting Light (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Shelflife Records
Released: 24 Sep 2013
Genre: Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop / Electronica
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* Four-panel Digisleeve CD plus two bonus tracks not on the LP.

Description (English):
Everlasting Light is destined to become an absolute guitar pop classic. The album is coated in sunbathed jangly guitars, incredibly catchy choruses, and GAVIN and MARGARET’s lovely wispy boy-girl vocals. The band uses their ‘90s indie pop roots to their advantage while mixing in just enough ‘60s paisley-tinted sounds to create an album that would have fit at home in the early days of Sarah Records. Their Byrds-esque melodic guitar lines create a love affair with each listen. Special guest star TERRY BICKERS (HOUSE OF LOVE) contributed guitar to some tracks. The album was produced by The Proctors and IAN CATT (Saint Etienne).

1. Trouble With Forever – 2:51
2. Into The Sun – 2:52
3. Perfect World – 3:13
4. Yesterday’s Boy – 3:56
5. Fall Down With You – 3:51
6. Adrienne – 3:27
7. Ambulance – 3:28
8. Dream As I Dream – 2:49
9. I Need To Tell You – 2:23
10. Wishing Well – 3:12
11. Season’s Change – 3:32
12. Fun Sunday – 2:56
13. Ember Days – 5:19
14. Cellophane – 4:54 [Bonus Track]
15. All Mornings – 5:29 [Bonus Track]

The Proctors – Ember Days

The Proctors and Terry Bickers – Cellophane

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