Maps & Diagrams - In Circles (Limited CD)

Country: U.S.
Label: Time Released Sound
Released: 19 Nov 2013
Genre: Electronica / Modern Classical / Ambient / IDM / Drone

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* Standard Digipack version, limited to 200 copies.

Description (English):
MAPS AND DIAGRAMS is the solo project of TIM MARTIN. To date an enviable back catalogue with releases for such respected sound houses as Static Caravan, Unlabel, Expanding, Smallfish, Awkward Silence and Handstitched (the latter of which he runs). One of the finest ambient alchemists in the sphere of modern electronic music, Maps and Diagrams blend delicately formed sound sculptures upon a minimalist ambient palette that are all at once shy, tender, fragile and beguiling.

1. Talavera – 3:38
2. Bosque – 5:20
3. Valargo – 6:10
4. Ten Black Cards – 4:06
5. Kimura (Cadiz) – 2:37
6. A Bump In The Night – 5:04
7. 1895 (Moth Evolution) – 7:36
8. Batika (Rust) – 2:58
9. Moorish Star – 6:16
10. Locus – 5:04
11. Madrid – 3:44
12. At Home Again – 5:22
13. Yesterday (Feat. I Am Dive – 5:00

Maps And Diagrams – Madrid (Orion)

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