Carlton Melton - Always Even (CD Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Agitated Records
Released: 1 Oct 2013
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock / Stoner Rock / Alternative-Rock / Rock
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Description (English):
Andy Duvall, Rich Millman, Clint Golden and (introducing) John McBain on Echoplex (and mastering duties once more!) are Carlton Melton, Agitated Records’ standard bearers, their freak flag wavers.

The travelers have returned with Always Even, their fourth album, recorded once again in a geodesic dome in the winter of 2012-13. Strap in, fly on—but do not be fooled by the gentle ease of opening track “Slow Wake.” It’s the calm before the psych-storm, a balm for one’s ears to prepare body and mind for the synth-riff-laden, psych-guitar-knockout blastings to come. Much like “Space Treader” on last year’s Photos of Photos, “Keeping On” launches into a unmapped zones, only to return to earth with the eased-back dome-drone of “Spider Web.”

The trip continues with the furious, kraut-influenced “Sarsen,” a track that could soundtrack an entire flight to the Moon and back—not to mention fuel the rocket ship with its ampheto-cranked psych chug. Make sure all seat belts are fastened for final descent, as “The Splurge” envelopes all with its molasses-like fog / fug.

1. Slow Wake – 5:26
2. Keeping On – 7:46
3. Spiderwebs – 4:40
4. Sarsen – 9:28
5. The Splurge – 10:31

Carlton Melton – Sarsen

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