Sokabe Keiichi 曽我部恵一 + Pink Band - SPRING FEVER – live at SENDAI 2011.5.13 (Limited Edition CD)

Country: Japan
Label: Rose Records
Released: 27 June 2011
Genre: Indie-Rock / Indie-Folk / Indie-Pop / Japanese-Indie
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* Japanese Limited Digipack Package

Bio (English):
Sokabe Keiichi is a singer-songwriter from Kagawaken, Japan. Now a solo artist he was previously lead singer and guitarist for Japanese 90s indie group 「サニーデイ・サービス」 ‘Sunny Day Service’. As well as releasing his own records, Sokabe runs Rose Records, a Japan based Independent record label.
Sokabe began Sunny Day Service whilst studying law at Rikkyou University, and in 1994 they had their first major debut release with 『星空のドライブep』, ‘Starry Sky Drive’. After critical aclaim and a number of album releases Sunny Day Service disbanded in 2000. After a year spent as a magazine contributor (bridge) and DJ, Sokabe came back to the music scene with an independent release in 2001, the single 「ギター」, ‘Guitar’. Sokabe went on to release another two singles and an album 「曽我部恵一」 on a major label.
Sokabe’s second album 「瞬間と永遠」 ‘A Moment And Eternity’, featured the kind of mellow acoustic pop familiar to fans of Sunny Day Service, while his third album ‘STRAWBERRY’ was more roots rock and roll style without losing the pop sensibilities of previous releases, and his fourth 「ラブレター」 ‘Love Letter’ a further development of this style.
In 2004 Sokabe set up Rose Records, on which he now releases his own music and that of several signed acts. In that year Sokabe also made an appearance in the film 『青い車』 ‘Blue Car’, for which he contributed the musical score.
Currently Sokabe is hosting an internet radio service from his home page, broadcast every Monday at 12 midnight, and a record shop/bar.
Sokabe has also made numerous appearances at the ‘Dream Power John Lennon Live’ tribute event run by Yoko Ono, and also contributed to YMO and Happy End tribute albums.

Description (Japanese):
曽我部恵一 最新作『PINK』リリースツアー仙台公演での選りすぐられた14曲が音源化!

1. 春の嵐
2. ギター
3. 3つの部屋
4. どこかでだれかが
5. パリへ行ったことがあるかい?
6. 朝日のあたる街
7. 愛と苦しみでいっぱい
8. 魔法
9. テレフォン・ラブ
10. PINK
11. 一週間分の愛
12. ねぇ、外は春だよ。
13. 青春狂走曲
14. ミュージック!
15. outro

曽我部恵一 (Sendai,Japan April 30,2011)

Also by Sokabe Keiichi 曽我部恵一

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