Okamotonoriaki - A Little Planet (CD+DVD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Mü-Nest / Plop
Released: 24 Jan 2013
Genre: Electronica / IDM / Downtempo
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* This edition also incl. DVD-R also features another beautiful music video produced by Berlin visual artist, T.S. Wendelstein.

Description (English):
“The world is getting smaller.”

“For the past 2 years, a lot of things have happened to me. I travelled to Kuala Lumpur in 2011. I travelled to Beijing in 2012. I take a peek at the world through the internet. The world sometimes spots me back. This planet is getting smaller and smaller. Still, I’m only a tiny being. I sometimes feel sad. Since 2011, a lot seems to have changed in my island country. At least I now think of death more often than before. And I now feel that an ordinary life is a happy one. Day by day my emotions sway back and forth like this. I feel like I know what the world is like, but at the same time, I know nothing about the world. I live inside this huge universe, and I’m only a tiny little being. This album is a record of me from 2011 to 2012.” – okamotonoriaki.

2 years after his critically acclaimed debut album, “Telescope”, musician cum visual artist okamotonoriaki picked up where he left off, and back with his 2nd solo album – “A Little Planet”, a wonderfully melodic album that is almost diary-like, capturing the emotions about uncertainties, about happiness, and about exploring the new sides of life.

Beautiful piano notes, exquisite melody lines, layer after layer of masterfully crafted beat programming, those details that made up okamotonoriaki’s gorgeous debut album, continue to excel in this new album. Mellow field recordings, those tiny noises and delicate glitches that hover around, added further depth into his works, and the extensive use of the elements of beats further illustrates the movement of the emotions in the interaction with the daily life.

One of the highlights in this album, is the wonderful collaboration with Tokyo’s famed indie musician, Cokiyu. Her feathery whispering vocals gracefully instilled a new dimension into okamotonoriaki’s pop-ish electronica work. To add more diversity into the album, he also roped in his live performance acoustic guitarist, Takumi Nishinoya, to breeze some gentle fresh air into the electronic pieces, making his music even more accessible, and irresistible.

As an award-winning visual artist, okamotonoriaki produced 3 amazing music videos for the album, which are included in the DVD-R accompanying the album. The DVD-R also features another beautiful music video produced by Berlin visual artist, T.S. Wendelstein.

“A Little Planet” is skilfully mastered by Tokyo’s renowned musician and sound engineer, Chihei Hatakeyama, and features the wonderful design by Tokyo/Berlin-based design studio The Simple Society, with illustrations from Izumi Matsuhashi.

Welcome, to the little planet, of okamotonoriaki.


01. I’m Home
02. Call Me (with Cokiyu)
03. One Day
04. Commuting
05. Kindergarten
06. Sprite
07. Sun
08. Voyager
09. Little Planet
10. Newspaper Songs

01. I’m Home
02. Call Me (with cokiyu)
03. Sun
04. Voyager

okamotonoriaki – Call me [PV]

okamotonoriaki / 2nd ALBUM “A LITTLE PLANET” / CM1

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