Various + Shinsuke Matsumoto + Arc of Doves - Layer Forest 2 (2CD + Photobook)

Country: Japan
Label: AY
Released: 9 May 2012
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Dub-Techno / Basic Channel / IDM
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* Japanese 2CD Edition.
* Each copy incl Photo Book.

Description (English):
An Ambient,Dub,Experimental Music Label “AY” From Japan, going to release their second volume compilation “Layer Forest 2″, This volume incl artist as Arc of Doves, Lady Citizen, terra, Murohashi Takuya, Shinsuke Matsumoto etc.

Description (Japanese):

Disc 1

1.The End of the World / Arc of Doves
2.Between you & me / Lady Citizen
3.Desert / Yosi Horikawa
4.Delta / terra
6.RAIN – in the rain / dtf
7.kuu / Reqterdrumer
8.Approaching the shores of stellar river / Nulix
9.Non Penso A Domani / Andrea Porcu
10.diamond dust / FarFromYours
11.Fog / Murohashi Takuya
12.Lotus / Arc of Doves

1.Light Shines / terra
2.RUNDLE / Jun Nishimura
3.Passed By / Yosi Horikawa
4.kai / Reqterdrumer
5.omo / Shinsuke Matsumoto
6.fog walker / kazuya kawakami
7.Mad Flower / Madutec&Bettosun
8.Black Sky / Mr.Bizz
9.Second Sun (solarwind rmx) / Nulix
10.reflected in the lake / beople
11.Things Happen at Night / Auto

V.A / Layer Forest 2

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