Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream - Canopy

Country: France
Label: Arbouse Recordings
Released: 31 Dec 2011
Genre: Electronica / Post-Rock / Post-Classical

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* Jewel Case

Description (English):
Reissue of the first record of the group. 4 titles that grow slowly, perfectly orchestrated. Melodies with spiritual and ecumenical character. Music can be compared with that of the group can be Balmorhea or Explosions in the sky, however, with reference to classical music more evident. Parts finally neoclassical amplified.


Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Panacea

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Sweet burning melancholia

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Panacea (Extract)

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – As Walking On Canopy (Extract)

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