Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream - Canopy (CD Edition)

Country: France
Label: Arbouse Recordings
Released: 31 Dec 2011
Genre: Electronica / Post-Rock / Post-Classical

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* Jewel Case

Description (English):
Reissue of the first record of the group. 4 titles that grow slowly, perfectly orchestrated. Melodies with spiritual and ecumenical character. Music can be compared with that of the group can be Balmorhea or Explosions in the sky, however, with reference to classical music more evident. Parts finally neoclassical amplified.


Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Panacea

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Sweet burning melancholia

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Panacea (Extract)

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – As Walking On Canopy (Extract)

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No.9 - Usual Revolution And Nine

從上張專輯「GOOD MORNING」開始,日本有機電音創作人no.9正式確立他平靜卻強而有力的美麗聲響,古典吉他與鋼琴編織成的流暢旋律,與非理智的電音互相纏繞交織。對no.9而言,萬事美好,日常生活的細節也可以帶來新鮮靈感,轉化成一首首充滿戲劇性的音樂詩篇。”Introduction”由吉他與甜美的breakbeats組成;”again and again”有鋼琴與小提琴的純粹演奏;no.9還特別把近年揚名海外的日本聲音藝術家Haruka Nakamura 與Akira Kosemura的代表作”Afterglow”做了一個特別的混音版;而在專輯最後一首的”with millions of love”中,取材自他第三張個人專輯「MICRO FILMS」的同名曲,並重新給與新的混音,從中反映著no.9一路走來豐富的音樂歷程。
全14曲73分鐘,「USUAL REVOLUTION AND NINE 」是no.9的又一音樂大作。
01 introduction
02 I hope [ canon no9 remix ]
03 alive
04 Future airport
05 again and again
06 Symmetry world
07 meguru
08 found it
09 princess
10 prays
11 afterglow no.9 remix
12 clover classic
13 over there empty
14 with millions of love – fine -

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