The British Expeditionary Force - Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu (CD Edition)

Country: Germany
Label: Erased Tapes Records
Released: 26 March 2012
Genre: Rock / Electronica / Post-Rock / Abstract
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* CD in Deluxe Cardboard Sleeve incl. FREE High Quality Album Download

Description (English):
The B.E.F. return with a shape-shifting prog-rock indietronica record.
March 26th will see the return of The British Expeditionary Force with their highly anticipated next installment on Erased Tapes Records, entitled ‘Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu’.

The British Expeditionary Force, short The B.E.F., was formed in 2007 by Northerners Aid Burrows, Justin Lockey and his brother James Lockey. Whilst their trademark indie-electronica marriage ‘Chapter One: A Long Way From Home’ was solely created via email, the long-awaited sequel ‘Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu’ was recorded in one room, with two drummers and mad professors on synthesisers contributing to an even broader sonic palette. A sound that producer and ex-Yourcodenameis:milo mastermind Justin Lockey likes to describe as ‘prog rock, innit’. ‘The tactic we’ve used is the ‘more’ method. More sounds, more layers, more people. More face to face, more angles, more songs. If we’ve done our sums right, it should total more than the individual pieces’, explains singer Aid Burrows.
When reading through Aid’s song by song dissection of lyrical content, it’s hard not to feel the sentiment: ‘This one is a slight extension on the diagnosis of one of my nan’s slip into Alzheimer’s. It was written down on a little piece of paper from the psychological evaluation: ‘pleasantly confused, not oriented to time, place and person’. Or in other words, she’s probably right in step with the rest of us.’
‘This album is inspired by late night explorations and arguments, the random inputs of the internet, and some slippery tip of the tongue ideas that can’t completely be grasped or nailed like the tenacious whack-a-moles’, adds Justin Lockey. So here we are. It’s the year 2012. And it’s time to ‘Roll on Chapter Two…’(NME)
‘A more confident, expansive affair. Sitting somewhere in between prog, electronics and more traditional songwriting fare ‘Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu’ is a definite step forward from the band’ – Clash

1. Commotion
2. When All Of This Is Done
3. Cogs And Chemicals
4. Konstellation Neu
5. Where You Go I Will Follow
6. End Music
7. Crack In The Clouds
8. Strange Aftertaste
9. Pleasantly Confused
10. Irons In Fires

The British Expeditionary Force – Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu (Album Teaser)

The British Expeditionary Force – Commotion

The British Expeditionary Force – Cogs And Chemicals

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