Oaqk - München

Country: Japan
Label: Penguinmarket Records
Released: 26 Aug 2009
Genre: Rock / Post-Rock / Indie
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* Japanese Jewel Case CD

Description (English):
Munchen is the debut album of oaqk. Breaking down ensembles with twin guitars clashing against each other and bringing in thunderous noise and clashing notes with a violent yet stable rhythm line. Inevitably you will be sucked into the turbulence only to be jettisoned out to relative and fleeting tranquility. This album was made with the oaqk style of recording on the spot. Without a doubt you are dragged into the moment of their performance and their experimentation playing out right before your ears. They pull out all the stops with some metal, hardcore, emo, improv, spiritual, chill out, and minimal resembling a symphony by Tchaikovsky. Overall the album has a dark tone to it that can not be easily sorted out. Give it a listen to see what this artistic masterpiece is all about!

01. Inferno Paradiso
02. Belarus
03. I Hope
04. Cold Hands
05. Dead Horse Running
06. Silver Snow Fall
07. Omen She Brings
08. 6 Years
09. Purgatrio

oaqk – belarus [PV]

Oaqk – 6 Years

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