WhyOceans - At Land

Country: Hong Kong
Label: Chopxticks Records
Released: 9 July 2011
Genre: Indie-Rock / Post-Rock / Alternative-Rock

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* Oversized Packaging CD.

Description (English):
WhyOceans was formed in 2005, since the band has never stopped impressing crowds with their energetic and infectious live performances. The band strives to deliver both audio and visual pleasure to audiences. With chemical reaction by different musical interests, WhyOceans has been claimed to have created a unique style of their own. Their sounds compile with different elements from Alternative/Psychedelic/Post Rock/Soundtracks. The band also plans to release their debut album at 2010 fall.


“Why” is the question of all questions; we are constantly looking for the answer. “Oceans” connect lands and places; we hope our music will work like the water, connecting people and bringing their hearts together.


1. Intro
2. At Land
3. After Party
4. Autumn
5. Untidal
6. Darkneige

WhyOceans – Untidal

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