Nils Frahm + Machinefabriek + Peter Broderick - Mort Aux Vaches (Limited Edition)

Country: Germany
Label: Mort Aux Vaches / Staalplaat
Released: 4 April 2011
Genre: Electronica / Avant-Garde / Field Recording / Sound-Art

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* 3-panel 3-colour cover w/ hand-assembled printed paper tape
* Limited to 500 copies.

Description (English):

w/ Kleefstra, Bakker, Kleefstra and Nils Frahm.
An improvised live session with machinefabriek and some special guests

About Machinefabriek:
Rutger Zuydervelt, better known as Machinefabriek, lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Started as Machinefabriek in 2004, he released 40+ small run home-made cdr’s as well as work for Type Records, Lampse, Digitalis, Staalplaat (Mort Aux Vaches) and now 12K. A double remix cd was released in 2007, with interpetations by Alva Noto, Pita, Mitchell Akiyama, Xela, Gert-Jan Prins and many more. Collaborations (live or recording) include Steinbrüchel, Jasper TX, Wouter van Veldhoven, Simon Nabatov, Frans de Waard, Aaron Martin and Peter Broderick.

About Peter Broderick:
Peter Broderick is an American musician and composer from Carlton, Oregon. He has released solo material under his own name, been a member of Efterklang, and played with several ensembles as a session musician.

Broderick was born in the state of Maine in 1987. He learned a number of musical instruments whilst at school, and went on to become a session musician, playing violin, banjo, musical saw, and mandolin on recordings by M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel, Dolorean and others. He played and toured with numerous groups, including Horse Feathers, Norfolk & Western, Loch Lomond and Laura Gibson. In mid 2007, Broderick joined the Danish ensemble Efterklang in Copenhagen to join their touring band after the release of their album Parades. After touring, he released a mini album of solo piano music, Docile, on the Swedish label Kning Disk, as well as a 7″, Retreat/Release, his first full-length album of piano and string based compositions, Float, and an orchestral concept album, Music for Falling From Trees, on the US label Western Vinyl and British label Erased Tapes. –From Wiki

Peter Broderick: violin, piano, saw, voice
Rutger Zuydervelt: guitar, objects, effects
Jan Kleefstra: words
Romke Kleefstra: guitar, effects
Anne Chris Bakker: guitar, effects, laptop
Nils Frahm: piano
Produced and recorded for Dwars by Berry Kamer, Amsterdam, 5 November 2009.
Mastered by Nils Frahm.

Artwork & concept by Staalplaat

1. Session I
2. Session III (Angelige Noaten)
3. Session II

Session III (Angelige Noaten)

Also by Nils Frahm

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